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OVACiiR, named Frank Randall III at birth, was raised in Flint, Michigan, in a tight-knit family. His parents provided him with an excellent foundation, instilling in him a love for the arts and a strong work ethic. His father, Frank Randall Jr., was passionate about jazz, and watching him rehearse with his band in their living room left a deep impression on OVACiiR. He taught himself how to play the drums at the age of five. By the time he was seven, he was already studying piano, and by age nine, he had added bass, electric guitar, and keyboards to his talents. He was influenced by jazz artists such as Oscar Peterson, Roy Ayers, and Herbie Hancock.


After graduating from high school, OVACiiR joined the Army and played with jazz-funk groups in Germany. He later toured with the S.O.S Band. After returning to the US, he recorded "Futuristic Girl" and "The Time Has Come" with talent manager Gene Perry. Although these tracks were popular on local radio, they never received national distribution and eventually went out of print.


In search of a change, OVACiiR moved to Los Angeles, where he immersed himself in the music scene. He played keyboards with R&B jazz groups and earned a reputation as a dynamic performer. He produced tracks for India and Dope Poets Regiment and contributed to the Animal Instincts 3 soundtrack. OVACiiR continues to support independent production companies like "Librium Productions".

In 2006, OVACiiR released his first independent solo album. The self-titled album showcases OVACiiR's diverse range, alternating between cool and breezy instrumentals and hot and funky grooves. With a fusion of jazz and hip-hop, OVACiiR displays his mastery as a producer and keyboardist, giving the impression of a full band. The album reveals OVACiiR's depth, insight, and passion in every track.


In the spring of 2009, OVACiiR released his second independent project, "OUTSIDE REALITY." The album masterfully blends the spirit of jazz with the rhythms of soul and funk, resulting in a work that defies labels while allowing listeners to focus on artistry and musicianship. OVA has also created his label, Silent Warrior Productions, and he now focuses on his solo career.


In late fall of 2009, with his father having passed away, OVACiiR returned to Flint, MI, to support his mother and family. Despite this setback, he continued to produce music, taking advantage of social media and the ability to work from anywhere. 

OVACiiR's third project, "ELEVATE YOUR MIND," was released in late 2014. The album takes you on a journey similar to his other projects, where you never know what to expect. The album is titled perfectly, as the elevation you experience with each track is indescribable. This album is a must-have for music lovers! With his continued success and notable performances at the 2019 Detroit Jazz Festival, OVACiiR has quickly made a name for himself as a top-tier working musician. 


Wanting to give his fans something to listen to while performing and touring, he dropped a five song EP called IVMing (4-Ming). The EP's melodic grooves and futuristic funk are extraordinary and will take you on a journey beyond your imagination.


OVACiiR promotes "Music is a Universal Language," and this project speaks fluently to that statement. If talent and desire are any measures, then the Musical Universe is witnessing the rise of a new star.


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